Sunday, March 20, 2016

the blue lagoon

Here is the recap for the week! :)

Monday- We emailed and got a massive feast from Maccas while we did that haha. Then we went to Bournda Lagoon with the Shoobridges! We got to take some sweet pics of us jumping off a sand dune and we ran 1.5 k's with the kids to help them train for their triathlon this week! Then we ate some dinner and walked around the beach a little bit! Then we went back to their house and shared the new Easter video with them!

Tuesday- It was rainy and so it made it hard for us to do any service for anyone and so we had a really slow day. We went to the Parkers house that night and we had a nice dinner with them and shared the Easter video with them as well! Go look it up!

Wednesday- We went to the FHC and visited everyone there and did a little family history ourselves! Then we went and taught Atika about the Plan of Salvation! Things went well and she is still excited to be baptized! She will be getting baptized in the Wright's swimming pool so that will be cool haha! Then we went to teach Kylea at the Wright's house and have dinner! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation as well! She understood it all because she has been reading a lot of stuff from and! She is so awesome! Her husband sat in on the lesson too and he is so supportive of everything and he really like everything that we taught! They both find such peace in the messages we share! Kylea says that she feels so much peace when she reads the Book of Mormon and stuff on the church's websites! We are really hoping to set her husband on a baptismal date soon too because he is coming to church with her too! He is really supportive of her and she has good fellowship from the Wrights so things are going really well with her and we are super grateful and feeling blessed!

Thursday- We went and tore up a mattress for a member who owns a motel and we did it in record timing he said haha. Then we went and worked on the Shoobridge's shed for the rest of the day. The sucky part was all the progress we made on it has to be undone next time we come over haha because the roof is slowly going crooked so we need to unscrew that and fix it. Any of you who know me probably know how excited I was after that hahaha I tend to get frustrated with little projects easily when they don't work like I want it to haha just ask my mom :) Then we had dinner with them and talked to Josh about the branch and all the progress that is going on!

Friday- We called in for DTM in the afternoon, then it was down pouring outside again so we were limited for what we could do. Then later on we went to Ben and Cymon Parker's house for a delicious dinner and a message! We got to play some fun games with their 3 kids while we were there too so it was a solid night there! 

Saturday- We got to go and do a devotional at the stake young men's camp out that was at Bournda National park which is in our area! We had a good devotional about preparing to serve a mission and we answered any questions that they had so that was way cool! Then we went to the lake with them and helped out with the activities there and just got to get to know everyone! Then we got to be the judges for their master chef competition! They made us some delicious mexican food and I was so impressed to be honest haha! Then we went and did some service/visits with the leaders and young men! I got to go with the Stake President and some other guys to visit a less active member in Cadello! It was good to finally make contact with this member! Then we went and had some mallos around a campfire and then we had to go home because it was almost curfew haha!

Sunday- We had Branch Conference and there were a lot of members that came down from Canberra for it plus all of the young men! For the opening hymn we sang The Spirit of God and holy cow the Spirit was so strong when we sang that! It gave me the chills. It was pretty legit not gonna lie! Then we got to teach Kylea after sacrament about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The lesson was solid as usual and the Spirit was so strong! She calls the Gospel and the Book of Mormon her medicine haha because it helps her to feel calm and happy and at peace :) Then we had a munch and mingle down at the park where we got to eat some fetching awesome food and mingle with members! I love being in a branch and getting to know everyone personally! It is just like a big family! Kylea and her husband came to the munch and mingle as well and they get along great with everyone and the fellowship is so awesome!! They had american hot dogs at the park too so I made sure to eat my fair share of those haha I miss american hot dogs! Then we went and took the sacrament to the ladies in Bega, did some studies, and made some bomb BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes! 

My spiritual thought for the week is from Proverbs 29:18, Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the lawhappy is he. 

We must keep to the vision or goals that we have for ourselves and constantly set new goals. As we do that and prayerfully ask for help and guidance we will be blessed and happy! We are happier as we keep the commandments of God and submit ourselves to his will! 

Love you all have a good week!

-Elder Jenson

isn't he the cutest? Yes.


Jumping off the sand dunes..

pew pew pew... 

woah ninjas.

Cameron and Alex

Cameron and Hailey

Cam and Elder Cherrington


Cute little belly boy

Family time


Our special boy.

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