Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hey so I got transferred out of Dapto and I am now in Macarthur ward which is like 45 minutes north of Dapto haha it is pretty ghetto here and it is a tougher area so we will see how things go! I am with Elder Schwalger who is from Samoa so I am on my second Samoan companion haha which is pretty sweet! I am in the same flat as one of my old comps Elder Laga'aia which is way fun! Well here is a recap of the last few days!

Thursday- We spent a lot of the day letting Elder Foa'i rest but we did get to go and have a dinner appointment with the Tina'o family that night which was good! During the day we got to email a little since Elder Foai hadn't had his pday yet and then we did a little bit of grocery shopping!

Friday- We had DTM like usual which was really good! After DTM we had to go and get some xrays for my comp and after that we had a district lunch with everyone at the chapel! Then I went with Elder Scofield to our appointment with Brendon and we taught him about the commandments which went solid! He is getting baptized on the 19th of November and I will get to go back for it which will be sweet! I am the one who gets to baptize him too! Then after that we went and did some service for the Lim family and we had dinner at the Roach's after that! Everything was really good there and it was sad it was my last meal there haha! 

Saturday- We had a busy as day! We had painting at Robert and Nicola's in the morning and I went with Elder Densley to that. Then we went and grabbed a few things from the shops before we went to a baptism for a 8 year old kid in the ward! After that I went to a dinner appointment with Elder Scofield but the members forgot about it which was cool with us haha we just went and got some ice cream instead! 

Sunday- It was my final day in Dapto which was sad! I had to say bye to everyone at church and then after church we had a little farewell party at Sister Tyson's place which was really nice! Then after that we went and got the transfer details from the computer. Once we got all that we went to the Tiananga's house for dinner and to say bye to them! It was sad to say bye to them I really loved that family! Then I went home and packed all my stuff! 

Monday- I had to travel to my new area and then get unpacked! Once I was unpacked we went and did some tracting which went alright we found two potentials! After that we went and met the ward mission leader and he is a pretty good guy! Then we went to give a blessing to a member in the ward! 

It is weird to be in a new area but I know that this is where the Lord needs me! I am ready to testify to the people here in this area and share the gospel with them! I love this work and I know that this Church is true! I love you all have a good week! :)

Elder Jenson

This should really be on the cover of the Ensign


The Roaches 

UFC 96

well… I guess they are a little excited for Christmas

Maybe too excited

Rob and Nicola

Sister Tyson

The Tianangas

He doesn't really have THAT much stuff….

Peace n' blessings

Sayin' his goodbyes

His new roomies… look who's back? 

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