Thursday, November 10, 2016

City boyz

Man it has been a long time since I typed up my weekly report haha so this could be a long one! We are finally back from Elder Foai's surgery and it went all good!

Monday- We had a normal P day we just emailed and went and balled it up in Wollongong with a bunch of missionaries! After P day we had no money on our cards still so we weren't able to buy groceries so we just called the Masimas and they had us over for a mean feed! We had maccas, KFC, and Dominoes! It was the perfect way to end the day haha!

Tuesday- We went to follow up on Jim in the morning and we were able to leave him with a Book of Mormon to start reading! After that we went and mowed the Archie's lawns for them which just made a huge cloud of dust hahaha I was blowing dirt out of my nose the whole day! After that we finally were able to go and get some groceries for the flat which was good! Then we went and did service for Jared and we helped them get their yard all in order so that went good for us!

Wednesday- It was busy this day! We went and had MCM in the morning at the chapel which was good! After that we went and saw Brendon! He is getting baptized on the 19th of this month! We committed him to live the word of wisdom and he is progressing really well! Then we went straight to see Byron and man he is so good! He was just so happy to see us and I have got to tell you guys how big of a miracle Byron is. He was on the street for like 15 years before we met him. He was on drugs and just living a crazy life! His mom told us that they had tried to get him to go to a church before and he never really liked it but with us it is different! She said that for him to get baptized was a huge thing for him to do! She was thanking us so much for all that us and the church has done for him. I wanted to just cry when I was hearing all of this! Byron has changed into such an amazing person and it was all through the Savior! I felt so much gratitude this day towards my Father in Heaven for allowing me to have the opportunity to work with Byron!! After his lesson we went to FHE then we had the Amazing race for mutual that night which we got to help out at which was fun!

Thursday-We had song practice in the morning which went pretty good.. well we suck but it was fun still hahaha! Then after that we had some lunch and headed to Jared's house to do some more service! We got to help gather steel into a pile for him which was good! After that we just went and did our weekly planning and had some din din!

Friday- I was on tradeoffs with Elder Scofield after DTM so we got to go and do some tracting together which was fun! Then we went and saw Keiran to try and get him prepped to come to church! After that we went and had a lesson with Robert and Nicola where we just read the Book of Mormon with them!

Saturday- We had another day full of service! We went and helped to paint at Robert and Nicola's which was fun! They fed us a mean feed just before we started our fast so that was really nice! After we finished there we went to Byron's to help him move some bricks haha it was good to work along side him! Then we went home and did some finding for an hour to finish the day!

Sunday- Brendon came to church again which was solid! Church was really good I got to bare my testimony which was so awesome I love getting to testify to people :) After Church we went and ended our fast which felt so good! After that we just went out and visited a bunch of less actives and took the sacrament to a few! Then we travelled up to Mortdale to spend the night at the Ap's flat for Foai's surgery the next day!

Monday- We took Foa'i up to the hospital for his surgery and we drove back to Mortdale after that for p day. I got to spend P day with the Mortdale zone which was way fun! I got to see some old friends and what not! We did a massive hike for our activity and we didn't bring water hahaha we were begging people for any extra water they had while we were hiking! It was a beautiful view though to see all the beaches and what not! It was just super hot that day! Then when we came back I got to go on trade offs with the Mortdale Elders and we went to a dinner appointment at a members house which was solid!

Tuesday- I ended up with Elder Harvey this day! He is serving in Sutherland right now but he is in a trio so President sent him with me for the day! he is a solid dude from New Zealand! We came out together actually so it was cool to see him again! We went up to the hospital to visit Foai that day and we just kept him company for most of the day! Then we came back down to Sutherland and I was able to see Rolf (my recent convert) and also the Liehrs and Kendricks! It was so good to see some of members of the ward there! I found out that Rolf goes through the temple on December the 7th so I will get to go there to be his escort hopefully! :)

Wednesday- Foa'i finally got out of the hospital so we travelled back to Dapto and we just let him rest for the day! So I got to catch up on some studies, work out, do laundry and just get my stuff in order haha!

I got to talk to President Back this week and he told me that I am leaving Dapto at the end of the transfer this next Monday! So I am sad to be leaving but I am grateful for the 6 months I got to spend here! It was a blessing to be able to work with the people here and I look forward to coming back in a couple of weeks when Nicola and Brendon get baptized! My companion is doing all good he is going to have a 6 month recovery but he is good to stay on the mission luckily! Keep him in your prayers please! I am going to miss Foa'i we were together for like 4 months and he has truly become a brother to me! I know that we have made a friendship that will last a life time! All is well though, the church is true and I love this Gospel! I will be talking to all of you next week from a new area we'll see where I end up! Love you all! :)

Elder Jenson

PICTURES COMING SOON... my computer is being lame. SORRY

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