Monday, November 7, 2016

cowboy up

Monday- We had some good pday fun with playing basketball with a bunch of elders and some random guys up in Wollongong! After basketball we drove to a sick view which you could see the whole Wollongong area and even part of our area! Then we went home and changed and headed to Keiran's house for dinner and a lesson with him and his mom.

Tuesday- I thought this day was going to suck to be honest but it turned out really good! We started the day off with a little bit of tracting but we had not luck really. Then we we went and visited Klaus and we basically just taught his wife who is a Catholic and it went really good! After that we went and saw Brendon and read the Book of Mormon with him! He is on date for baptism and is progressing really well! Then we went and had a lesson with Paul Souris and his family about faith and trusting in God! After them we stopped in on the Sa's and showed them a good Mormon message about overcoming trials. We had a lot of success with teaching that day which is rare and we were grateful!

Wednesday- We had some song practice in the morning for our Christmas carols we're singing at old folks homes during Christmas. I don't know if I will even be here for Christmas but just in case they wanted us all there haha! After that we went and did some tracting with the other Elders in a neighbourhood and we got to teach a guy about the Restoration at the door but he is one of those guys who is agnostic about everything! When we finished that  we went and tried to follow up on a potential but they said they weren't interested anymore haha so we tracted for ages in the heat with no success! After that we went and had some dinner before splits and then for splits we went and saw Jared with one of the members from the ward!

Thursday-  We followed up on a potential in the morning and he had no food or anything in his house because he hadn't received his money from the government yet and I felt bad for the guy so we went and bought him a few groceries to help him get through the week and his dog also because it was skinny as! He was a genuine guy and I didn't feel like he was too dodgy or anything like that so that's good haha! Then we went and saw Sister Fisher which was good because she always loves our visits to her! Then we went and did service for Jared plus we got to have some dinner with him! After dinner we shared "Hope of God's Light" with him and it was solid!

Friday- We drove up to Mittagong for a change for our DTM and it was good other than the drive up there is through this windy road so we were all getting car sick haha it sucked! The meeting was good and doing tracting up there after was tough too because people wouldn't give us the time of day while we were at their door so that was annoying but it was all good because we tried our best! Then we drove home and did a little bit more tracting and people were rude once again hahaha then we went and did our weekly planning and had dinner!

Saturday- We took the bus to go and do service for the Sa's which was good we just did some weeding for them. Then we went and helped out the Souris family with moving some big rugs! After that we went and walked to go and see Brother Mackie which was good haha man that guy can talk your ear off! It was hard to get a word in but it was good to see him! Then we went home and had dinner!

Sunday-  Brendon came to church!! It was so good to have him there with Byron and Robert & Nicola! It was a full house! Nicola got word that she will be able to be re baptized this next month and Robert is going to be the one baptizing her!! It is such an awesome miracle! :) After church we had a soup and sandwich mingle thing which was awesome! Then we went and did some tracting near the chapel, we found one potential that we will go back to in a couple of weeks when he will be back from going out of town. Then we went to Robert and Nicola's house to watch the 4th Floor, Last Door talk with them from conference. After that on the way home we met a drunk guy at the train station who we had a funny conversation with haha luckily he was nice though!

I have learned a lot this week about how God allows people their agency. It is tough to accept sometimes as missionaries because we just want everyone to listen to this wonderful message of hope and peace that we have to share with the world! As tough as it is for God to see his children reject the truth and make bad choices, he will not force them to hear this message. That goes against His whole plan for us in allowing us our freedom to choose. I am grateful for agency and even though it sucks when people reject us, I know that if no one wants to hear our message, it is not because I didn't try hard enough! I know God lives and he loves every single one of us! He rejoices when we do what is right and he mourns when we got through hard times or make bad choices. I have felt his matchless love during my mission and I am grateful for Him and for all that he does for me! I love you all have a good week! :)

Elder Jenson
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