Monday, November 21, 2016

Dunkin' day for Brendon

Man the week flew by and boy was it a good week!

Tuesday- After emails we went and did some shopping and then we went to the chapel to play sports with the zone! We just played some volleyball which was good though because I haven't played it in ages! Then that night we went on splits with one of the members in the ward and we only managed to see one person because no one else was home haha. After splits we went to the Agoo's house to schedule an appointment with them and to share a little message with them!

Wednesday-  We started our morning off by doing some tracting which went really good! Then we went and followed up on some potentials after lunch. After that we met with Amanda who is one of our investigators and she was good, she just has a problem with smoking and drinking so we are working on that with her! Then we went to get to know some members after that and we met the Latu's and then we went to the Paulo's house and we showed up right when they were having dinner so they invited us to stay haha MIRACLES!! It was a mean feed! I think I might gain weight here with all the Polynesian families in the ward haha!

Thursday- We tracted in the most ghetto part of our area which was really fun haha! We met a lot of weird people and I think half of the people we met were on drugs but all goods because we found some people that were good! We found a less active lady who wants to come back to church so that was a cool miracle! After tracting we did 1/2 of our weekly planning, and then we went to MCM. After that I got to go and meet the Bishop real quick and also the Matamua family! After that we tried some less actives but had no luck so we just went and had dinner. Then we went to see the Agoo's again and they fed us... so I had two dinners haha! Then we got to share a message with them.

Friday- We had DTM which went really good! We cleaned up the chapel afterwards and then we went to meet with Amanda but she cancelled on us. So we went to KFC and Elder Laga'aia shouted for us! It was awesome haha but it was like 35 degrees this day so we went tracting after lunch and boy did the KFC weigh us down! Me and my comp were just dripping in sweat for the 2 hours of tracting! I am pretty sure I sweat off my lunch haha! It was funny talking to people at their doors because our sweat was dripping off onto the ground and people were like "man you guys look hot!" I was thinking to myself, hmm how could ya tell?? hahaha but a lot of people gave us water and so that was sweet! We got a lot of potentials too so it was good! After that we went to visit some less actives but we had no luck so we just finished our weekly planning and had some dinner.

Saturday- We went to follow up with some potentials in the morning with no luck haha one guy was an atheist and he just wanted to bash so we tried to end the conversation and leave but he wouldn't let it happen so in the middle of all the rubbish he was saying, I just said have a good day and walked off. I was sick of listening to the guy and nothing we said got through to him so it was a waste of time to stay there any longer haha. He got me pretty pissed off though! After that we got to see the Archers who are a less active family and it was a good visit! We got to go down to Dapto after that for Brendon's baptism! He was so happy to be getting baptized and it was such a good program! I got to see Bro Tiananga and also Robert & Nicola again which was awesome! It was good to see Elder Foa'i again too haha his arm is healing up nice! After that we went and had dinner and read the Book of Mormon with the Newland family! They were really cool and the son was funny as!

Sunday- We had ward council in the morning before church which was good! Then we had Church at 1 which is awesome as a missionary haha! We got to teach the Rondo family during one of the classes and they are getting baptized this Wednesday which is awesome! They are a really cool family and they are solid! After church we made the baptismal program and then we went and took over some sheet music to the Matamuas! They invited us in for a feed but we had a dinner appointment an hour later so we had to decline haha but we said we will take a rain check! After that we went to the Pikula family's home for some dinner! They are a solid family and they are so dedicated to helping us with the missionary work so I am stoked to work with them!

“Brothers and sisters, all the Lord expects of us is to try, but you have to really try!”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

I love this quote because it is so true!! As long as we are truly trying our best then the Lord is going to be happy with us and we can know that we truly are good enough, and that our sins are forgiven! I know that this quote is true! I have felt the power of the Atonement in my life and also the love that the Savior has for me and I am so grateful for it! :) Have a good week!

Elder Jenson

I have no idea who these other Elders are except for the one in the middle haha Cam didn't say.

Ghetto part of Australia... 

Livin' in a gansta's paradise

his new area. 

Where they've been sleeping.. the room on the right is Cams ;) 

Hangin' out in the living room...

dis cutie...

nice glasses bro..

Brendon's baptism

and another.

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