Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving week

Monday- We had some fun over at the chapel playing some volleyball! The real fun started after pday when we got to got to the Matamua's house to have dinner and a lesson with the Rondo family! The Rondos got interviewed for baptism as well that night! They passed and were super excited about being baptized! 

Tuesday- I was gone at MLC for the most part of the day! It was good to get to discuss the missionary work with the other ZL's, STL's and President and Sister Back. I got to see a lot of my good buddies there too so that is always a bonus! After I got back we went on splits with some guys from the ward and visited two families which went really good! Its been good getting to know the members better! 

Wednesday- We did some service in the morning for a lady that the elders used to do service for back in the day! We got to pull some bricks out of the ground and we just did a little bit of yardwork! It was bloody hot that day though and the flies here in the summer are the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life haha they just fly on your face and they do not leave you alone!! After that we went and changed and got ready to go and visit a less active family! They were super nice and they seem ready to come back so we will see how things go! The dad is an RM so he is pretty solid! After that we went and set up for the Rondo's baptism! The baptism went solid and even though I haven't known them that long, it was super cool to witness their baptism! There was 3 of them that got dunked, the mom, dad and the daughter! The two other kids aren't old enough for baptism yet but they go to primary! After the baptism we had a good munch and mingle with the ward :) 

Thursday- We got a  call from bro Latu for some service so we went to his house and helped to paint his son's bedroom, and he fed us some lunch as a reward! After we finished there I went on tradeoffs with Elder Ballard, who is the other zone leader, so we could go and prepare for ZTM the next day! After we finished that he and I went to a dinner appojntment at the Ah Mu's house! They are an awesome family and they had the best food ever!! I am going to put some weight on in this ward haha! 

Friday- ZTM was this day and man it went pretty good! I got to train on using our time wisely and being diligent! I really enjoy giving trainings! After the meeting we went and had some lunch at a Pizza Hut buffet which was solid! After that we did our weekly planning and then we went over to the chapel to help and set up for the big stake activity the next day called "The Spirit of Christmas." We did that for the rest of the night and then a member shouted us some maccas which was pretty sweet. Did I mention that I might gain weight here?

Saturday- We met with the Archers in the morning and we shared a good message with them! After that we went to go and finish setting up for the activity and then we stayed and helped out the whole day! After the activity we cleaned up and then we went and got some dinner! After that we went to get our lesson plan ready for the YSA class we were teaching the next day.

Sunday- We taught the YSA class about the Atonement and we had a really spiritual experience with that! During Sacrament meeting the Rondo's got confirmed and I got to confirm Brother Rondo which was an honor! After church we saw a less active member which was kinda awkward because it was like talking to a statue that could answer questions hahaha but it was all good! After that we went to the Bishop's house and had a massive feed and then we got to discuss the missionary work with him and also share a message with him and his family! 

Matthew 5:14, "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."
I encourage you all the Light the World this Christmas season by doing one kind act of service every day from December 1st- December 25th! Got to to learn more about how we can #LIGHTtheWORLD! Love you all!! 

Elder Jenson

pics from conf


He didn't tell me who this was.... so your guess is as good as mine.

definitely shouldn't take up painting as a career.

woah...look at that floating head.

what a sight for sore eyes.


setting up for some activity


lookin' good!

they are excited for christmas...check out those ties.

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