Monday, June 12, 2017

found my 2$ coin.

This week has been good for us! We have been having some fun as a companionship and we are seeing some good success here! I will give a few highlights of the week again to save us all some time haha :) 

- We had a solid lesson with a less active ysa! I got prompted to suggest that we go visit him and I was pretty doubtful in the prompting but I followed it anyways and it turns out he was home and the lesson was so good with him! We never catch him home so it was pretty cool haha

- I lost a 2 dollar coin at the mall on pday so I prayed that I would find it and boom my eyes were taken right to it haha so God really does care about us even with little silly things like that haha.

- We did some volunteer work at a place called Vinnies, it is basically a D.I. haha. We just were in the back sorting through clothes and we always put on the girl clothes and it gives all the old ladies a good laugh! 

- Had a good catch up/lesson with Ezra. He is preparing to go on his mission to Cebu Philippines! 

- We had a lesson with Alex about the Plan of Salvation and she had some concerns about the fall of Adam and Eve, so we had a good discussion on that and we were really able to gauge where she was at as we had that lesson so we feel like we know what our next steps will be with the lessons we teach and what not. We are hoping to set a baptismal date with her soon! 

- We got to have a good lesson with Jack about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I think it was pretty eye opening for him as we discussed what Christ actually went through. We set a new baptismal date with him for the 3rd of June. 

- Went to one of the less active boys footy game this weekend and it really helped us gain his trust. He came to church the next day for the full 3 hours too which was solid! He also mentioned how he has a friend who is keen to learn and get baptized so we will keep you updated on that haha! 

Other than all that the week has been pretty good! We are seeing good progress with the people that we are working with and we are enjoying ourselves while we do it haha. I am loving my mission, my area, my comps, and just everything! Life is going good! 

My spiritual thought for the week comes from Alma 61:9. So Pahoran just got rebuked by Moroni via letter about being a lousy leader and what not. The only bad thing is that Moroni doesn't know the full story of what is going on in the land where Pahoran is. Instead of getting offended and telling Moroni off and telling him how he should get to know the facts before he blows up on him. He says this,
"And now, in your epistle you have censured me, but it mattereth not; am not angry, but do rejoice in the greatness of your heart. I, Pahoran, do noseek for power, save only to retain my judgment-seat that may preserve the rights and the liberty of my people. My soul standeth fast in that liberty in the which God hath made us free."

We choose to be offended... so the biggest thing I learn from this is that we must be quick to forgive, and forget. Forgive others and move on from it. Do not look back. The quicker we can get good at doing these things the better off we will be! Remember the Savior Himself as he was hanging on the cross told Heavenly Father to, "forgive them for they know not what they do" This is a Christlike attribute that isn't easy to obtain, but boy does it make life easier! Love you all have a good week!

Elder Jenson

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