Monday, June 12, 2017

golfing is missionary work....RIGHT?

Far out what a good week for us here! Lovin life down here in the cold city of Canberra! We are about to go into the final week of the transfer so this Saturday we find out our final transfer details. I will see if I finish my mission here in Canberra or if I get shipped somewhere else to finish. I really hope to finish here though. So yeah just a heads up next week I will be emailing on a Tuesday, so that is Monday for you back in the states. Well here are some deets from the week.

-We went to the driving range for Pday so that was a lot of fun! (pics will be in another email.)

- We had a really solid lesson with our investigator Srijit. We watched to Restoration video with him and he really liked it! He has been reading the Book of Mormon, he came to the ward curry cook off and to cap it all off he came to church this Sunday! He really enjoyed his time with us this weekend and the Ward did so good at fellowshipping which was awesome! 

- We have increased our finding this week. We did a lot of finding at the universities and also some door knocking. President really wants us to find some investigators to teach and baptize! We are pushing ourselves and doing our best to find the elect haha.

-We had a good dinner with the Barber family! We issued them a missionary challenge for the month of June so it will be fun to work with them for the next month and help them get involved in the work of Salvation.

-Had some solid lessons with a few of our less actives. We met with David Dwyer again this week and we discussed getting a patriarchal blessing with him. Then we met with Jordan Amosa and read Alma 32 with him and discussed faith. Then we got to see Nigel Ah Wong and teach him more about the Spirit. He even took a selfie with us for his snap chat story which was pretty sick because he plays on one of the professional rugby teams down here haha.

-I got a flu shot this week too. (this is just to make my mommy happy.) :) 

-We held a sport night at the chapel and man it was one of our best turnouts we have ever had with it! We had a few of the less active boys come to it and so that was a lot of fun getting to connect with them more. 

This week was really good and I am grateful to be here! One thing that stuck out to me in sacrament meeting yesterday was someone gave a talk on the parable of the prodigal son. He talked about how when the prodigal son returned home, the father was so happy to see him and he showed him so much love! It really hit me when he said that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us even more than that who is always there waiting for us to return to him. It is hard to imagine the love that Heavenly Father has for us, but that really helped to paint a picture in my mind of how much he truly loves us. He loved us enough that He sent His son to die for us. God is good and he loves ALL of us! Have a good week!:)

Elder Jenson

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