Monday, June 12, 2017

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So the new transfer just started today and I am on my final 12 weeks of my mission!! Pretty surreal and I am ready to finish strong. I am still in Canberra with Elder Hunt, but we got a trio this transfer and our new comp is Elder John from Guyana! This is his final transfer so we get to kill him off. Pres said he put him with us so that we can help him finish strong! So I will jot down a few highlights of the week for yous :)

- Got a new investigator named Shrijit who is over here from India for Uni. He is super interested and wants to have the peace that Christ can offer in his life. 

- We went to the dawn service for Anzac day here and we had to wake up at 4 in the morning for that so that was fun hahaha but Brett Baker made us some good waffles for breakfast afterwards at his house. Brett is a good guy he always takes the missionaries to stuff and takes care of them.

- Had a good turn out to institute this week and we had a good game of volleyball afterwards with everyone. Makes it easy to connect with people through sports haha. 

- Had a good break through with the Sekona family which was good! We had a powerful lesson about reading the Book of Mormon more and living its teachings.

- We had a good lesson with Alex and she is progressing really well! He committed her to read the Book of Mormon every day and to pray about it every day as well for a week! 

- Had a good lesson with Nigel (less active rugby player) and he has been reading his Book of Mormon ever day since we last saw him so we were stoked for that!! He is such a good guy.

- We had a good dinner with the Barber family and got to meet their two sons who are in the youth. One of them got his mission call to Perth this past week too so it is good to help him prepare to go out. We made a solid connection with the family though and they invited us over again in a couple of weeks at church the next day hahaha. 

- We haven't been able to meet with Jack or Tinnai for a little, but they are still in our teaching pool. We are hoping to get to see them this week. 

Everything is going really good here though! It is looking like this is where Elder Hunt and I will spend the rest of our time on our missions which is sweet!! We really want to finish here together. My little thought for the week is about Christ's love for us,

1 John 4:19
 "We love him, because he firsloved us."

The more I learn of the Atonement of Jesus Christ the more I learn of His infinite love for all of us. He truly is the light and life of the world. He gave His life for all of us. I am grateful for my Savior's love. The more I serve the people here the more I feel His love for me and for everyone I meet. He is real and He lives. 

Elder Jenson

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